How to take care of your eyebrows immediately after the procedure

  • Avoid touching your eyebrows for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours the area should be cleaned with warm water and mild wash such as baby wash
  • Movement with the hair growth
  • It is forbidden to apply Vaseline, Bepanthen, any antibiotic cream, white Petrleum, A & D Ointments ( The risk of infection is very high)
  • Exposure to to sunlight or any other form of UV rays for 1 month is strictly  prohibited
  • Applying foundation, powder and blush eyebrows in the eybrow area for the following 2 weeks is prohibited
  • It is recommended for one week to avoid the pool (chlorine can cause irritation to the eyebrows
  • The use of saunas is not recommended 1 week of the procedure
  • Exercise and activities that require effort and produces sweat should be avoided for the following 5 days
  • It is strictly prohibited to remove or peel any skin peeling. No scrubs or sea salt.  it will distort the pigment.
  • It is normal for the brows to appear darker and thicker bout the 5th day.  It will then fo through a process of lightening bout 20-40%
  • At  3 weeks you should see the results at its best.
  • Avoid sleeping on pillows on brow area for 2 weeks not to distort the pigment and placement.
  • Avoid acid peels, Retine A, for the first month may be used 1/2 inch above brows.
  • Your second session is included at about 4-8 weeks.  Depending on your cell renewal cycle.

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